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Trilloquy is a weekly podcast that covers hot button topics like race, gender issues, equality, and equity as they manifest within the music world. Listen each week for true and real stories from the fringes of classical music.

Rain Dog Diary


People tell stories everyday over dinner, I tell stories to sit at the table. I can convince you that bullshit is fact, and fact, bullshit. The fact of the matter'll never really be sure.

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Listen Thursdays - Saturdays, 7pm to Midnight Central, and the occasional fill-ins here and there.

trilloquy tv

Nirmala Rajasekar calls the Veena "the great-grandmother of instruments," and she has played it since she was 6. Together with her friend and percussionist Thanjavur Murugaboopathi, they play  

called "Ananda Nadamaduvar" meaning  "the joyful dance of Shiva" in the debut of TRILLOQUY TV!

Hop Notes - Bauhaus Brew Labs

Did you know Dvorak had a pail of Pilsner beer delivered to his house every day? In this first installment of Hop Notes, Scott Blankenship explores the works of Czech composer Dvorak and tastes a Bohemian-style Pilsner with its roots in the past, updated to satisfy today's beer geeks, from Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minneapolis.

Hop Notes - Boom Island Brewing

In this episode of Hop Notes, Scott Blankenship explores the music of Belgium's most popular composer, Cesar Franck, and pairs it with the Belgian ales of Boom Island Brewing in Minneapolis. 

Hop notes - Yoerg Brewing Co.

Two of Germany's best exports: music and beer! Explore both for Oktoberfest in this episode of Hop Notes, with Yoerg Brewing Co. in St. Paul, Minn., and works by Mozart and Richard Strauss. 

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